Vinyasa Flow

Similar to Hatha Flow, each posture is linked with breath, however Vinyasa Flow is often considered more dynamic in nature.

The overall sensation is one of relaxation, however the Ujjayi pranayama (breath technique used) helps to generate heat and can add a cardiovascular component to the postural practice. The class style and pace will vary with the teacher as they have creative rein, which may be inspired by their various trainings.

Vinyasa Flow is arguably one of the most widely practiced styles of yoga, however, is often misunderstood. The term Vinyasa is derived from ’nyasa,’ meaning “to place,” and ‘vi’, meaning “in a special way.” This indicates that we are not throwing our bodies around but are bringing consciousness to each movement and transition (the flow between the posture), bringing grace and connection in each moment. Even during moments of stillness, Vinyasa is represented by the beat of the heart or movement of the breath.